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Power Systems Recovery
The Big Pull - Ameren,Venice Power Station, IL
Thu November 18, 2010, 8:16 pm
Power Systems Recovery

PSR provided technicians, an array of tube cutters, tube production pullers, tube choppers, support equipment and custom rigging systems to the Spirtas Wrecking Co. to detube 6 large condensers located at the 500 megawatt Ameren -Venice Power Station.

To separate union pulling crews were supplied with automated tooling and pulled 60,000 cupronickel tubes as well as the cut tube stubs from the backside tube sheets in approximately 40 days.


Our tube removal technology and technical support services greatly reduce material extraction costs, handling efforts and increase the value of scrap compared to alternate recovery methods. The project was completed to the satisfaction of the customers in early November 2010.

About Power Systems Recovery

Power Systems Recovery is the premier specialized metals extraction company for the recovery of copper, nickel and zinc alloyed metals from condensers, heat exchangers, generators, and power distribution systems located at retired power plants worldwide.


Additional capabilities include the supply of high production tube removal equipment and technical support services to power plant crews and maintenance contractors performing critical path re-tubing work on main shell and tube type condensers.

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