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Power Systems Recovery
Condenser Salvage-Benning Station,Wash. DC
Fri June 27, 2014, 12:37 pm
Power Systems Recovery
Pepco-Benning Station Condensers

PSR Client: NCM Group

Project Objective: Cut, Pull & Chop 38,000 Cu/Ni 9010 & Brass condenser Tubes

Estimated Scrap Value: 1.6 Million

Plant Owner: Pepco (Potomac Electric Power Co.)

Plant Name: Benning Road Generating Station, District of Columbia

Tooling and Services Provided: PSR provided a new DS series tube extraction systems including   cutting ,pulling , chopping , and required support equipment to salvage 2 remaining  condensers located at the Pepco’s Benning Road – Peaking Station . Our field technician provided 2 days of safety and tool operation training, tool and equipment maintenance training and guidance on the “art and science” of the tube removal process.

The tube recovery project began in April and was completed in May of 2014

Initial production rates, labor utilization requirements and consumable parts wear indicate the following productions rates and costs:

·         110- tubes processed per hour (1ʺOD tubes X 30ʹ long)

·         .036 -man hours required to pull each tube

·          $.05 -consumable parts wear cost per tube

Our tube removal technology and technical support services enable our clients to greatly reduce material extraction costs, project duration and increase the value of their scrap compared to alternate recovery methods.



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